Polyfunctional Branched Surfactant

PBS150 is a long-term surfactant utilizing a unique multi-branched molecular structure to address the source of performance loss – biodegradation of the surfactant molecule by soil microbes. PBS150 sustains a longer uniform soil moisture profile. PBS150 has proven it will:

  • Reduce hydrophobic conditions on a sustainable basis for 5 months or more
  • Encourage a pattern of hydration and re-hydration that improves the amount of available water in the soil profile to meet the metabolic demands of the plant
  • Restore the uniform movement of water into and through the soil matrix
  • Promote improvement in turfgrass quality, color, and uniformity
  • Improve stress tolerance



Greens and Tees:
Apply 16 L per hectare in 800 L of water. Apply three applications at 30 day intervals. Reapply after 120 days from last treatment, or as needed, if climatic conditions still exist for the formation of water repellency conditions.

Fairways, Bunker Faces, Collars, and Roughs:
Apply 25 L per hectare in 800 L of water. 10 to 14 days later apply a second application at 25 L per hectare in 800 L of water. Reapply after 120 days, or as needed, if climatic conditions still exist for the formation of water repellency conditions.

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