purge-eurSpray Rig and Storage Tank Cleaner

Purge is a decontaminant used to remove and deactivate residual pesticide contamination from storage tanks and spray equipment. Using Purge will prevent cross contamination of your sprays and fertilizer products. Use Purge before changing from one pesticide to another, or before storing equipment to prolong sprayer life, avoid nozzle clogging, and prevent chemical damage to plants.



For most pesticides: Use 250-500 ml per 100 L of water. Close valves to boom and nozzles. Use bypass or mechanical agitation to circulate solution throughout spray system. Use hose or hand boom to ensure solution will contact all contaminated surfaces of sprayer not submerged in the solution. Maintain solution contact for at least 15 minutes. When tank is cleaned, flush the cleaning solution through pump, all hoses, valves and nozzles.

For residues of phenoxy (2,4-D, etc.), sulfonyl urea or other highly active herbicides: Use 1 L per 100 L. Use hot water if possible. Maintain solution contact for at least one hour as above. Before using equipment, test final rinsate on the foliage of a sensitive plant, such as tomato or cotton. If phytotoxicity occurs within 48 to 72 hours, repeat cleaning.

For steam cleaning equipment: Use 830 ml per 100 L of tank capacity.

For backpack or hand held sprayers: Use 4-12 ml per L of water. Use higher rate for highly active herbicides as noted above. Agitate solution to ensure contact with all internal surfaces then spray through the hand wand for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat with clear water.

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