redi-cal-eurOrganically Complexed Liquid Calcium

  • Reduces sodium levels
  • Dry lime chelator
  • Provides a uniform calcium profile

Redi-Cal addresses both the plant’s calcium needs, as well as the growing media pH. Redi-Cal replaces the sodium ion of the soil colloid with soluble calcium, allowing the sodium to leach through the growing media. Redi-Cal is highly effective and can be used in conjunction with Verde-Cal products.

Tank mix 10-20 L per hectare weekly the first month. Follow with 3-6 L per hectare at 30 day intervals. Apply with no less than 400 L of water per hectare.

Inject 3-6 L per hectare weekly the first month. Follow with 3-6 L per hectare at 30 day intervals. Apply with no less than 500 L of water per hectare.

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