AQUA-Grow is a liquid, non-phytotoxic product based on natural plant extracts that stimulates growth of new plant roots and strengthens the existing root system. AQUA-Grow consists of 100% natural plant-feeding substances and promotes the overall growth of the crop and supports the propagation of beneficial micro-organisms. AQUA-Grow can be used safely in various crops and is 100% safe for plants.

Product Benefits

  • Stimulates Root Mass development
  • Improves Soil Microbial Life
  • Improves Plant Defense System
  • Delays formation of resistant strains
  • Beneficial Throughout Complete Vegetative Cycle
  • Improves Qualitative and Quantitative Production Characteristics
  • Environmental Friendly

Applications Rates

Fertilizer value:

N P K Mg
1 1,15 1,25 0,4

Plant vitalizing dosage:
Total 2 – 6 Liters per 1.000 m2
Distributed over multiple irrigation cycles (e.g. Ltr 2 + 2 + 2 / 1.000 m2)

10 Litres Shake before use


Download the following PDFs to learn about AQUA-Grow: