BioFlav-X is a liquid composition that has been proven to significantly boost a plant’s own defense system and to alleviate the symptoms of stress and damage caused by an attach. The formula is centered around a citrus Bio Flavonoid extract that is naturally produced by fruits when defending themselves against an infection or attack. This extract has been shown to be highly effective in the control of a large number of pests, pathogens, moulds and viruses. This extract is condensed into a super concentrate that can be easily taken up by plants.

Product Details

  • Stimulates growth of new plants
  • Alleviates sympthoms of stress
  • Improves plant defense system
  • Biological alternative for flower bulb dipping based on citrus Bio Flavonoid extract
  • Stimulates beneficial nematodes in treated areas

Applications Rates

2 Ltr/Ha at weekly intervals or as needed in 600 Ltr of water. Please see the brochure for further instructions.


Download the following PDFs to learn about BioFlav-X: