PBS150 Granular

PBS150 Granular is a long-term surfactant utilising a unique multi-branched molecular structure to address the source of performance loss – biodegradation of the surfactant molecule by soil microbes. PBS150 Granular sustains a longer uniform soil moisture profile.

Product Details

PBS150 Granular reduces hydrophobic conditions on a sustainable basis for 5 months or more. It encourage a pattern of hydration and re-hydration that improves the amount of available water in the soil profile to meet the metabolic demands of the plant.

PBS150 Granular restores the uniform movement of water into and through the soil matrix. It promotes improvement in turfgrass quality, colour and uniformity.

PBS150 Granular improves stress tolerance and reduces water use up to 30%

Applications Rates – Granular

Typical application rate: Apply PBS150 Granular at
160 – 240 KG/Ha at 6 – 10 weeks interval. Wash in at
3 MM irrigation for best result. For more longevity apply two applications of PBS150 at 200 KG/Ha with 30 days interval and water in accordingly. Function and longevity depending on profile conditions and climatically influences. Monitor moisture level to check on product activity before reapplication.


Download the following PDFs to learn about PBS150 Granular: