SOLAR is a natural product based on a blend of Titanium Diox-ide and plant feeding extracts. SOLAR reduces the impact damage of extreme UV and infrared sunlight during summer heat conditions. SOLAR balances moisture behavior within the plant and increases stress tolerance. Titanium Dioxide is a natural product that scatters sunlight but allows enough light for the plant to grow of sunlight. SOLAR is MRL fee and protects the plant against cell wall deformation. SOLAR reduces plant stress during summer conditions and reduces water consumption up to 30%. Leaving no residue, SOLAR is 100% safe for the environment.

Product Details

  • Filers hamful UV and infrared light
  • Reduces organic pollution on the leaf
  • Leaves enough useful light for the plant
  • Forms a protection shield that offers resistance and promotoes growth
  • Mechanical resistance to pollution

Applications Rates

Depending on crop / total leaf surface; for example on Turf: Greens: 1L/Ha Weekly or Tees: Fairways 2 L/Ha Biweekly Flowers/potatoes/bulbs: 2,5 L/Ha weekly during the growing sea-son depending on leaf surface development and solar stress.

Shake before use 10 Liter


Download the following PDFs to learn about Solar: