We all know to apply calcium products, but why is Calcium so important for a healthy soil and strong plants?

In our latest article, we explain in depth why Calcium is vital for both soil and the plants that it grows. Calcium has two major effects in the soil.

Firstly, Calcium works as a bonding agent in the aggregation of soil particles, in which it helps to bind organic and inorganic substances. This is important for the development of a good soil structure. Secondly, it acts as a nutrient filler, to maintain balance amongst nutrients and occupy space which otherwise would be taken up by acidic elements. The high molecular weight and two electrons are the main reasons for these effects. For the entire article, please read The Role of Calcium in the Soil


How does OARS HS compare to other wetting agents in the field?

In order to answer this question, Vos Capelle and Aqua Aid Europe conducted a comparative wetting agent research last year. On Golf Park De Haenen in Teteringen (The Netherlands), a practical test was set up on the Par3 course, to investigate the functioning of different surfactants. The most commonly used wetting agents in The Netherlands were included in this test set-up. During the entire growing season, the performance (effectiveness), duration of action and uniformity of all products were examined and compared. Please continue here to see our wetting agent research.




X-ray vision in sports grass; newest research method used in sports grass

Research method from space travel applied in sports turf. In a leading study led by Dr. Jim Brosnan of the University of Tennessee (USA) a research technique used in space has been applied to document and study unaffected root growth. Recently, a research has been done using this method to evaluate the effects of Aqua Aid’s Worm Power Turf on root development. Read on here.




Trials conducted at Penn State University USA confirmed the effectiveness of pure OARS liquid against fairy rings. Significant reduction in the fairy ring severity from status 8 (Type 1 severe)  to status 1 (slight/no symptoms) in 10 days.

The Organic Acid Redistribution System is a great tool in reducing the visual effects and is a 100% biological approach to battle Fairy rings symptoms.

Read on for a summary of the trial report




Between 2016 – 2019, Aqua Aid Europe has been performing various field trials to see the water saving benefits in of multi-branched surfactants in turf grass, especially PBS150. Penn State University has proven considerable reduction in different conditions in 2 projects. Following these trials, Secret Valley Golf Resort on Cyprus, has used PBS150 to combat a lack of water caused by climate change. Want to know how? READ ON


Amenity Brochure 2020 - 2021

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Amenity brochure 2020-2021



Tussen 2016 en 2019 heeft Aqua Aid Europe verschillende veldtesten uitgevoerd om de waterbesparende functie van 3D surfactants in sportgrassen aan te tonen, en met name met PBS150. Penn State University heeft een aanzienlijke vermindering in watergebruik in verschillende omstandigheden aangetoond middels twee onderzoeken en zag resultaten tot wel 46% waterbesparing. Secret Valley Golf Resort op Cyprus heeft het gepatenteerde PBS150 gebruikt om watertekorten als gevolg van klimaatverandering te kunnen bestrijden eveneens met succes; een waterbesparing van 30%. Lees verder om te zien hoe deze resultaten werden bereikt - Lees meer over Waterbesparing PBS


Late summer and early fall is a great time of year to use VerdeCal GVerdeCal G can offer some relief by releasing calcium and thus, conditioning the soil and making other nutrients available. These newly available nutrients can offer your turf some of the relief it needs at a time when it may need it most. It is really about the volume of calcium. By releasing “real pounds” of calcium into the soil structure - in various forms, thorough conditioning of the soil can occur. This may be visually seen as green up, growth, rooting, stress reduction, and perhaps even some disease relief. We do not claim VerdeCal G will cure disease, but feedback certainly tells us that the benefit of available calcium can make a difference. Remember, better uptake and translocation of nutrients and water will always benefit the turf and allow the turf to withstand stresses better.


Often we receive the feedback from the market that a comparison of VerdeCal G and a classic gypsum would be helpful.

We aim to please, so we have created a fact sheet showing the differences and, therefore, benefits of using VerdeCal G.

You can find our fact sheet on our studies page on this website, or just follow this link.


3D surfactant PBS150 voorkomt droogteproblemen in de blauwe bessenteelt

Voortschrijdend inzicht in vochtmanagement in de tuinbouw heeft ons in het afgelopen jaar laten zien dat er in toenemende mate een rol is weggelegd voor high tech Surfactants in de tuinbouw.

In de bijlage een voorbeeld van een teelt waarin wij PBS150 met succes hebben toegepast; in dit geval in de blauwe bessenteelt; deze toepassing wordt dit jaar herhaald en uitgebreid.

Voor ons onderzoeksrapport, klik hier.