Wurmkraft stärkt die chemischen, physikalischen und biologischen Aspekte des Bodens um die Wurzelzone einer Pflanze. Es verbessert die Bodengesundheit sowie die Gesundheit, Kraft und Stärke der Pflanzen.  Worm Power wird in einer streng kontrollierten Umgebung aus 100% organischen Gussteilen und wurmartigem Material hergestellt. Es ist eine eingetragene Marke von RT Solutions LLC.


  • enhances the availability of plant nutrients.
  • accelerates root initiation, establishment and development.
  • delivers robust and diverse microbial populations.
  • increases the water holding capacity of the soil, reducing irrigation frequency and increasing stress tolerance during harsh conditions.


Wenden Sie Worm Power als Bodenspray mit 25 l pro Hektar in 800 l Wasser in Intervallen von 15 Tagen oder 50 l pro Hektar in 800 l Wasser in Intervallen von 30 Tagen an. Für beste Ergebnisse benötigt Worm Power saisonale Anwendungsprogramme.

In soilless Media
Tragen Sie während der gesamten Vegetationsperiode jede Woche 13,5 ml pro l wachsende Behältergröße auf.

In mineralischen Bodenmedien
Tragen Sie während der gesamten Vegetationsperiode jede Woche 8 ml pro l wachsende Behältergröße auf. Wenn sich Pflanzungen im Boden befinden, schätzen Sie die Volumengröße des Wurzelballens in Litern und wenden Sie sie entsprechend an.

Wurmkraft PDFs

Laden Sie die folgenden PDFs herunter, um mehr über Worm Power zu erfahren:


Aqua Aid Europe offers a wide range of biostimulants and UV-B protection products. All these products are based on natural ingredients and are safe to use on all professional turf types. All products are designed and manufactured to solve various issues occurring in the professional turf market. This will include improved growing conditions and protection against biotic- and abiotic attacks. In addition to these products, Aqua Aid Europe has developed two products to defend the turf grass against damaging UV and infrared radiation. Our other biostimulants are:

OCEAN is a liquid product based on natural oceanic plant algae, enhanced with plant extracts and natural co-enzymes. OCEAN stimulates extra formation of roots and shoots allowing for more active and vital plants. OCEAN increases nutrient exchange and makes fertilizers work more effective. OCEAN contains plant specific proteins and fatty acids that contribute to a more vital crop, reducing the amount of chemical applications needed.

Aqua-Boost has been developed after many years of in-depth research and consultation with both professional grounds staff and greenkeepers. As a result, we have produced a unique composition of natural plant extracts, denaturized extracts and specially selected organic compounds which has resulted in Aqua-Boost. The formulation contains high quality carbohydrates, L-amino acids, oligopeptides, polypeptides, alginates, mannitol, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, yeast extract, natural organic acids and betaines. This diverse blend of high quality ingredients works by activating specific physiological processes within plants. This results in the plant being far better equipped to withstand any attack and can use more energy on growing, developing a much denser sward, a significantly greater root mass and visibly higher chlorophyll levels.

BioFlav-X is developed and manufactured in order to control a large number of pests, pathogens, molds and viruses. The formula is developed not to kill the pests but to deter and discourage them from attacking the plant. The product is based on a citric acid extract, this is based on bioflavonoids, an ingredient which is also found in various Vitamin C supplements. These bioflavonoids will generate an increase in the plant immune system making the plant more defensible against various attacks. Field trials have shown parasitic nematodes moving away from the plant’s rhizosphere.

Aqua-Grow is a non-phytotoxic plant based biostimulant, the plant extract is a Quillaja Saponin extract resourced in Chile. The combination of the Quillaja Saponin and a low NPK analysis promotes the overall growth of the crop and supports the propagation of beneficial micro-organisms. This existing soil life will give the plant and soil a better defense system against biotic attacks. A more vital plant has a better overall defense system. Extensive field testing in various professional turf surfaces have shown the decrease of biotic attacks from severe attacks to hardly any attacks after just a few applications. The pitch quality in all these situations went up significantly.


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