Accessories for our TDR 350 and TDR150 moisture meters from Spectrum: Mobile app to instantly collect and display data.

Field Scout Mobile App

Use the FieldScout Mobile app to instantly collect and display data. The app collects data from the new FieldScout® TDR 350 Soil Moisture Meter using Bluetooth Smart connection.

Details Mobile App

  • Google Maps dynamic satellite image shows readings data overlaid on your property
  • Guided Mode allows for taking grid readings without interacting with the phone
  • Freeform Mode plots a point for each reading, and stores its data independently
  • Automatic wireless upload to SpecConnect for further analysis from your personal web portal
  • Eliminates the need for a computer, cable and GPS accessory
  • SpecConnect provides complete data overview at once, overlaid on a satellite map
  • Colour Gradient Mapping of data points within custom selected areas or groupings
  • Export your data from SpecConnect into an Excel document for deeper analysis

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