Our mission

Welcome to Aqua Aid Europe

Our mission and vision 

It is our vision is to be one of the leading turf grass specialists, dedicated to a sustainable future. We consider it our mission to drastically reduce the amount of chemical products used in the professional sports turf industry. We aim to achieve this by offering more natural, reliable and sustainable alternatives to the traditionally chemical products, enabling our customers to get better results while reducing their environmental impact.

Less chemicals
By reducing the amount of chemicals applied to the surface of the earth, we not only lessen pollution but also create a stronger, healthier and more durable plant that will require less chemical products in the future.

Water use reduction
Some of our products can make a significant contribution to a more sustainable water management program. In the future, the availability of good quality water will continue to decrease, which requires us to use our water more wisely, efficiently if you will. We have products that can manage the water levels in the top layer of the soil, resulting in a reduction of water needed by up to 30%.

Research & development
By continuously investing in research and development of current and new products, we remain dedicated to finding sustainable ways to support both the soil and the plants it grows. Organically supporting the natural environment is key in this process.

We strive to inform and accommodate professionals in various professional sports turf such as golf and football, to significantly reduce the use of chemicals on their grass, and replace these chemical products with more natural products. We aim to continuously educate professionals in the field about new product developments as well as relevant upcoming changes in legislation. In doing so, these professionals increase and support the natural development of the plants in question. This way of supporting nature, provides a sustainable solution, as the durability of the plant increased due to its better health.


We are actively looking to expand our team, want to see what is possible?



Our business is growing fast, constantly evolving as we develop our products and our expand our market. 


We consistantly research our products, their perfomance, investigate potential new products and produce research reports on our findings.
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