Agro Services

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Agro Services


Aqua Aid Europe offers Agro Services, a full service of independent agronomy, specialized advice and agro- and horticultural support, provided by our in-house agronomists.

Our agronomists offer a vast amount of expert knowledge and expertise in the agricultural and horticultural sector and can assist in handling nutrient deficiencies in plants and crops as well as assist you to interpret soil- and water analyses. Our focus is to get the plant in its optimum growth/health/production stage and we aim to accomplish this with the best possible solutions on the market.

Agro Services seeks to provide independent advice, to benefit individual crops and the crop carers. Advice will also take into account legislations and local geographic aspects and conditions.

• Advice on local and crop-specific problems
• Annual Agronomy plans
• Assist in crop protection plans
• Design fertilization plans
• Interpret soil- and water analyses
• Organise and monitor local trials
• Introduce and explain measurement plans

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Download the following PDFs to learn about our
Agro Services

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