Hahn Spray Bug - be kind to your greens

Greens require personal attention and precise application control. Current walking booms are labor-intensive and difficult to use and calibrate. The Hahn Spray Bug changes all of that!

Hahn Spray Bug

The Spray Bug is an electric powered, self-propelled covered boom system with a self-contained 57.5 L spray tank and complete spray system. The operator walks in front of the boom system and not through the spray, and the wheels do not track through the application. Nozzles are visible to the operator while spraying. Because the Spray Bug is self-contained, a hose with reel is not needed. The spray tank can be recharged from a larger spray vehicle or utility vehicle with the included, dry lock transfer system. In addition, individual batches can be mixed directly in the 57.5 L tank.


Download the following PDFs to learn about the Hahn Spray Bug:
Product Literature

Application tools

Aqua Aid Europe offers 3 different types of application tools, each with their own specialty application.

The PROportioner system is a single, no mixing method of applying Aqua Aid Products. It is designed specifically for use on all types of turf, perennials, annuals, vegetables and ornamental plantings such as golf courses, athletic fields, landscape planting, home gardens, hydro seeding, greenhouses, transplanting etc.

The Gandy Drop Spreaders make accurate, professional applications of dry free-flowing materials. The spreader is available in size 36" and 42" and comes with a durable powder coat finish that will ensure the longevity in use. These variable rate drop spreaders with Push-handle can be used to apply seeds, chemicals, top dressings, fungicides, soil fumigants and fertilizers.

The Hahn Spray Bug, a walking spray system which combines precision application with ease of use and simple calibration. It allows you to spray your greens more accurately while keeping vehicles off tender turf. The system’s nozzles are visible to the user during spraying, and the boom shroud eliminates drift while putting your spray material precisely where you want it. The Spray Bug is now wider, faster, comes with a larger tank, and is an effective method for micro-dosing nutrients. An optional custom integrated foam marking system is available for the Spray Bug.

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