pH Meter

The SoilStik pH meter by Spectrum is easy to use and cost efficient. It enables you to manage pH for a healthier growing environment and better soil, water, disease and nutrient management.

Product Details

  • Flat surface electrode measures pH in soil, semi-solids and liquids
  • Memory records and recalls 15 sequentially tagged readings
  • pH range : 0.00 to 14.00
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.01 pH
  • 1- or 2-point calibration: automatically recognizes buffer solutions
  • RENEW indicator tells you when it’s time to replace your electrode - eliminatinig guesswork
  • CAL alert tells you it’s time to recalibrate to ensure accuracy

pH Meter PDFs

Download the following PDFs to learn about the pH Meter: 


Aqua Aid Europe offers a wide range of turf measuring equipment, each with their own specialty. Aqua Aid is the distributor for Spectrum Technologies Fieldscout equipment in Europe.

The TDR-technology used for the Fieldscout Soil Moisture Meters, makes responsible irrigation easier and reducing costs a given. This technology has proven itself for over 30 years in a wide variety of different types of soil. We currently offer 3 TDR meters, the TDR-150, the TDR-250 and the TDR-350. We can also provide the necessary TDR-rods and the Mobile app

Another meter by Spectrum Technologies is the Fieldscout EC meter. EC is an important diagnostic indicator for identifying soil health issues. High salt levels will cause toxicity, infiltration problems, a decrease in beneficial microorganisms and an ineffective nutrient uptake. The Fieldscout EC Meter can test the salt content of water sources used for irrigation and tank mix solutions, allowing you to easily manage the water quality.

The primary objective for the development of the TruFirm is to improve championship-caliber playability by cultivating greens that are both firm and fast. By measuring the relationship between the compaction of the soil and the moisture level, greenkeepers are able to ensure healthy, aesthetically-pleasing greens that offer exceptional playability.

The Imants Penetrometer is another compaction meter, offering you a simple tool to observe the degree of soil compaction at depths from 0 - 45 centimeters. The penetrometer consists of a removable tapered-tip cone, a rod with depth marks at 7,5 cm intervals, a machined precision-bore pressure chamber, and a 0 - 60 bar pressure gauge.

The Turf Color Meter (TCM) 500 NDVI Meter from Spectrum helps diagnose plant health based on colour. The meter will calculate the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) based on the color of the grass.

Almost all greenkeeping work is weather-dependent. But especially in times of changing climates, old weather rules or typical weather patterns at certain times of the year are no longer valid. The reality is that extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more common, putting a lot of stress on the grasses. By tracking different parameters like humidity, temperature, wind speed, precipitation and evapotranspiration on can take the necessary precautions. All these measurements are taken with a weather station, ideally with the Watchdog 3250.

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