Pitch Growth Cover

Pitch Growth Cover provides year-round turf protection and optimal conditions for turf. In winters, the temperature drop in the base layer of the turf remains limited due to the insulating effect of the Pitch Growth Cover. Less heat is lost when underground heating is used which results in lower energy costs. Pitch Growth Cover provides protection from too much light and rain in summer. The cover reflects UV- and infrared light, incoming light is diffused under the cover causing less damage to seedlings and it ensures better germination.

Product details

  • Breathable, light and water permeable.
  • Reduction temperature drops in the turf base layer, prolonging the growth phase.
  • Less heat loss when using an underground heating system, saving energy costs.
  • Faster warming of the soil in the spring, promoting premature growth.
  • Faster germination/growth of reseeding/new seeding.
  • Protection of young seedlings from water stress/drying out which saves on irrigation passes and reduces nutrient leaching.

Test results

Light transmission in direct light: 90% NEN2675
Light transmission in diffused light: 90% NEN2675
Weight: 62g/m2
Water permeability: 0,204 m/s ISO11058

Pitch Growth CoverPDFs

Download the following PDFs to learn about the Pitch Growth Cover:
Product Literature
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