FWY-ISP is a cost effective formulation of soil wetting agents designed to enhance the penetration and infiltration of applied water through irrigation systems. FWY-ISP is designed to treat water repellent areas and large brown out areas in fairways and/ or mounds, as well as, hard to drain areas. FWY-ISP can also be incorporated into nutrient mixes to allow for more efficient delivery of applied nutrients.

Product Details

  • Biodegradable soil penetrant
  • Designed specifically for injection
  • Increased nutrient efficiency

Application Rates

Irrigation Injection; apply 2,3 to 4,7 L/Ha of FWY-ISP through the irrigation system monthly or as needed. Fertigation Injection; mix proportionately to liquid nutrients to apply 2,3 to 4,7 L/Ha per month or as needed. Overseeding; apply 4,7 L/Ha one week prior to overseeding. Immediately follow overseeding with a second application at 4,7 L/Ha.


Download the following PDFs to learn about FWY-ISP:
Product LiteratureProduct LabelSafety Sheet

Classic surfactants

Aqua Aid Europe has 4 different 3D surfactants in its portfolio. The OARS HS is a hydrating surfactant which includes the multi-branch regenerating and OARS technology. The OARS PS is a penetrating surfactant and also includes both technologies. PBS-150 and PBS-150 Granular are long lasting hydrating soil surfactants and consist of 100 % multi-branch regenerating technology.

The conventional surfactant range consists of three different products. These three products are all researched and field proven products for many years. Aquifer is a co-block polymer based omni directional hydrating surfactant. Aqua Aid Liquid is a very cost-effective penetrant formulated with high quality grade non-ionic surfactants. FWY-ISP is a unique injectable soil penetrant, designed to cover large surfaces.

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