Not only humans and animals suffer from sunburn, plants also endure sunburn if the concentration of sunlight is too high. Plants protect themselves by stopping processes such as photosynthesis and withdrawing energy from the leaves and fruit. This causes damage at an early stage. For example, because no new leaves are produced, there is no recovery. Damage to the cell walls cannot be repaired by the plant.

Like people and animals, plants are also sensitive to high concentrations of UV in the air. The effects on plants can be very different, depending on both the duration of exposure and the plant species. The effects on plants range from slight reversible disturbances of physiological processes to total destruction of almost all cells in a plant. The total destruction of a plant usually takes place when there is suddenly an extremely high UV concentration in a place that this is normally not the case. The plants are not used to it and cannot recover.

We offer a solution; for the full article please read Sun Protection for plants.

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