Aqua Aid Europe has completed a succesful week at the BTME 2019!

As in previous years, the BMTE has proven to be a great place to catch up with a lot of our relations, as well as giving us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to new potential customers and distributors. It is always great to have the chance to explain our products to a new audience so we can help them tackle the variety of issues greenkeepers face.

In addition, this year we have chosen the BTME as the launch location for a new and exclusive range of patented Makro Organics’ turf grass, soil and water treatment products.

Located in the Red Zone, at stand 238, team Aqua Aid was supported by the Managing Director of Makro Organics, to talk about the impending shift away from chemicals in sports turf and the challenges this brings, along with weather factors, and guarantee to resolve common issues faced in the industry on a daily basis.

The range of products tackles common issues in turf, soil and water. OxyTurf provides a solution to black layer and compaction while increasing percolation and compaction by introducing low levels of oxygen as part of a biological process. OxyFlow provides a solution for pipe and irrigation systems, cleaning and flushing pipelines and canals of organic matter, scale and calcification as well as unblocking nozzles and filters. No control measures are required when releasing OxyFlow.

OxyCure is applied to lakes & ponds, effluent streams and process water systems to reduce eutrophication that results in unnatural algae blooms and rapid aquatic plant expansion. It reduces filter clogging and accumulation in pipes and systems and has its results confirmed by world-renowned water consultants.

This new range of products joins our already successful (and steadily growing) product catalog including VerdeCal G, WormPower, PBS-150, OARS HS and PS and Aquifer in offering greenkeepers an environmentally conscious approach that won’t be affected by law changes.

Thank you again BTME and see you again next year!