• Early Curative Fairy Ring Trial with OARS

    Early Curative Fairy Ring Trial with OARS

    Trials conducted at Penn State University USA confirmed the effectiveness of pure OARS liquid against fairy rings. Significant reduction in the fairy ring severity from status 8 (Type 1 severe)  to status 1 (slight/no symptoms) in 10 days. The Organic Acid Redistribution System is a great tool in reducing the visual effects and is a

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  • Promising results Water Saving Projects

    Between 2016 – 2019 we have been performing various field trials to see the water saving benefits in turf grass in combination with multi-branched surfactants. Penn State University testing has proven considerable reduction in different conditions in 2 projects. Following these results, a field trial was done in 2018 on Cyrus, where we have achieved

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  • Using OARS and Aquifer Pellets to combat the extraordinary dry conditions

    The very unusual hot weather across the United Kingdom and Europe has been tackled by greenkeepers and groundsmen using Aqua-Aid EU’s OARS and Aquifer pellets in tandem with the PROportioner application system. In the last week of June alone hundreds of PROportioner applicators were sold to new users in Europe, delivering phenomenal results in extraordinary

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