TCM 500 NDVI Meter

Turfgrass quality is visually evaluated by human assessors based on a scale of 1 (dead grass) to 9 (perfect grass) in the current assessment method. This evaluation practice has several disadvantages and therefore, there is the need for a better evaluation technique. Individual biases are inevitable and lead to some level of inconsistency, even among the most highly trained observers. Research from Clemson University, “Predicting Visual Quality Ratings of Turfgrass Research Plots Using Spectral Reflectance”(Muharrem, Keskin, Roy B. Dodd, Young J. Han, Ahmad Khalilian - Paper # 031114, ASAE 2003 Annual Meeting) is the basis for the technology used in this meter.

Product Details

  • Measures reflected light from approximately a 3 inch (7.6 cm) diameter section of turfgrass
  • Uses an internal light source to negate the effect of sunny versus cloudy conditions
  • Measures reflectance in the red (660 nm) and near infrared (850 nm) spectral bands
  • Displays result as NDVI, percent reflectance, or as a user- adjustable grass index from 1 to 9
  • Equipped with internal data logger and RS-232 port
  • Records 3,250 measurements (1,350 with added GPS/ DGPS option)
  • Configure and download meter with FieldScout® software and USB-to-3.5mm-Stereo-Plug Adapther (Item 3661U. (included)
  • Compatible with SpecConnect
  • Includes hard carrying case, batteries, and TCM 500 T-Handle (item 2975H)

TCM 500 NDVI MeterPDFs

Download the following PDFs to learn about the TCM 500 NDVI Meter:
Product Literature


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