New: Our latest addition TDR meter; the Fieldscout TDR 250. 
Highly accurate soil moisture measurements of any soil condition.

TDR 250

  • Displays VWC% (with running average)
  • Operates in TDR 300 mode
  • Soil measurements in less than a second
  • Internal data logging up to 124,000 measurements
  • USB port to download data log to a flash drive
  • High-contrast display with backlight for easy viewing
  • Ergonomic, portable design with removable handles
  • Interchangeable soil probes (varying options) - sold separatel

Product Details 

Obtain soil moisture readings at the press of a button. With variable rod length options, measure soil moisture at your ideal root zone. With new enhancements, the TDR 250 provides significant improvements in performance and measurement accuracy for optimal soil conditions.



Download the TDR Brochure: