Aquifer fournit une hydratation de 30 à 45 jours pour gérer la répulsion de l'eau et la prévention des conditions LDS. Il fournit un mouvement uniforme de l'eau vers le bas et sur le côté dans les premiers centimètres de la zone racinaire. L'aquifère ne brûle pas et n'a pas besoin d'être arrosé après l'application.

détails du produit

  • Reduces localised dry spots
  • Reduces summer stress and wilt
  • Increases water retention
  • Uniform moisture soil profile

Tarifs d'application

Appliquer 13 L par hectare tous les 30 à 45 jours.
Injectez 9 à 14 L par hectare tous les 30 à 45 jours.

Programme hydrofuge élevé: Appliquer 20 à 25 L par hectare à intervalles de 15 jours jusqu'à ce que les conditions du gazon s'améliorent

Appliquer lors de l'arrosage à la main.

Classic surfactants

The conventional surfactant range consists of three different products. These three products are all researched and field proven products for many years. Aquifer is a co-block polymer based omni directional hydrating surfactant. Aqua-Aid is very cost-effective penetrant formulated with high quality grade non-ionic surfactants. FWY-ISP is a unique injectable soil penetrant, designed to cover large surfaces.

Aqua Aid Europe also offers 3D surfactants. The multi-branch regenerating technology is completely different to other technologies currently used in the professional turf market. The difference between the traditional linear co-polymer molecules is that they are much higher in molecular weight and have multiple interactive sites (6 or 8 sites), therefore each branch is a wetting agent by itself. This branching will increase the interaction between the surfactant and the soil, this will cause very consistent moisture levels within the treated surface. The combination of the higher molecule weight and branching will positively affect the biodegradation of the product. As one branch is removed via biodegradation, a new lower molecular weight surface active species is regenerated, this will continue to manage the water in the soil.

This technology is incorporated in all of our 3-D surfactants. This will reduce hydrophobic conditions on a sustainable basis. Independent research has shown the surfactants are able to reduce water uses of over 30 % while keeping the turf quality at the same quality.

The pellets of this product can best be applied with the PROportioner System.