Aqua Aid brings a wide range of products to the market, offering solutions for various plant related problems. While products are initially designed to solve one single problem, sometimes an unexpected, yet beautiful partnership emerges when two products are applied simultaneously. Today, we want to introduce you to such an extraordinary partnership between two of Aqua Aids prominent products. But first, let us introduce these two remarkable products.

Worm Power is and has been since the start of Aqua Aid Europe, an important specialty product. A 100 % organic vermicomposted product, that strengthens the soil surrounding the plant’s root zone. This healthier soil makes the plant stronger and more resilient. Worm Power provides viable macro and micro-nutrients and increases the water holding capacity (WHC) of the soil. It introduces an active microbial community to the soil, making the nutrient delivery more efficient over an extended period of time. Healthier and stronger plants naturally increase in size and are better able to fight off a variety of threats such as drought and diseases.

Aqua-Boost is a new product in our portfolio, developed by Aqua Aid Europe to increase the plants natural resistance to (negative) external influences. Aqua-Boost is a liquid non-phytotoxic composition, based on natural plant extracts, denaturized extracts and organic compounds. This is a new generation of biostimulant that, due to the very low NPK value, does not interfere with fertiliser programs already applied to the plant and soil. The natural components of Aqua-Boost ‘trick’ the plant into thinking it is under both biotic and abiotic attack. Conveniently, it also contains ingredients to withstand this ‘attack’, enforcing a trigger to the systematic acquired resistance mechanism. This reaction activates the natural hormone production in the plant and with that, the plant strengthens its own immune-system. After application, the plant will be stronger and better equipped to withstand any attack. This results in a plant with more energy to grow, develop a much denser sward and a significantly greater root mass.

But what happens when these products are applied at the same time? Do they contrast or support each other, or do they not effect each other at all? As part of the test setup at Aqua Aid Europe, the products were applied together, both following the standard application advice. As expected, the results showed that Worm Power and Aqua-Boost do not counter each other’s activity. In fact, the test showed that both products actually enhance each other. Aqua-Boost is a feeding source for all the microbes in Worm Power, which kick-starts the latent microbes in Worm Power. More active microbes in the soil allows for a faster nutrient exchange, providing the plant with optimal growing conditions. Some of the microbes in Worm Power are responsible for the nutrient transportation inside the plant, these microbes have readily available nutrients at their disposal due to the addition of Aqua-Boost in the same application. This is very efficient regarding the nutrient exchange in the rootzone.

Worm Power and Aqua-Boost have shown to be very effective products on their own. But combined and creating this newly uncovered ability to elevate each other, they truly proof to be an additional benefit for both the plant and its environment. These test results really do prove that in this case, 1+1 really is 3, without any additional costs.

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