Turf Pellets

We offer a varied range of high-quality pellets that offer root development, water movement through the soil and stress tolerance.


OARS is the corrective approach to remove the build-up of organic acids that coat the surface of sand particle which cause water repellency and localised dry spot conditions.

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AQM Tougher Turf

AQM Tougher Turf is a “balanced for performance” product that contains the proper ratios of cytokinins and auxins especially beneficial to root establishment, development, and growth when sprigging or sodding.
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Aqua-Root is the combination of Aqua-Aid penetrant and the most active humic and fulvic acids available in the market today which encourages deeper root growth.

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Aqua-Aid is a penetrating wetting agent formulated to increase infiltration of water into the soil profile.
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Aquifer provides a 30 to 45 day hydration for managing water repellency and the prevention of LDS conditions.
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