Aquifer Soil Surfactant has been designed to be the first choice when choosing a surfactant. Aquifer Soil Surfactant has the unique characteristic of producing downward and lateral movement of
water (omni-directional), which provides a uniform moisture profile throughout the soil structure for up to 45 days. This allows not only water but also chemicals and nutrients to be distributed evenly throughout the root zone. The end result is less summer stress, reduced wilt, less localized dry spots and improved
rewetting capability.

Product Details

  • Reduces localised dry spots
  • Reduces summer stress and wilt
  • Increases water retention
  • Uniform moisture soil profile

Application Rates

Apply 13-16 L per hectare every 30 days. After an initial 16 L application, drought conditions can be best managed by applying 6-8 L per hectare every 15 days.

​For extreme drought conditions with high temperatures and/or increased soil water repellency, apply 20-25 L per hectare every 30 days.

Aquifer PDFs

Download the following PDFs to learn about OARS HS:
Product LiteratureProduct LabelSafety SheetPellet Product LabelPellet Safety Sheet

How to use the Aqua Aid Pellets

You can apply our Aqua Aid Pellets by using the PROportioner System. This application system is designed specifically for use on all types of turf, perennials, annuals, vegetables and ornamental plantings. A convenient system with no chemical mixing for utilizing Aqua Aid products that is as easy as hand watering.

Our pellet formulations are designed to make hand watering more effective and longer lasting. Aqua Aid Pellets are non-toxic to all types of turf, annuals, perennials or ornamental plants. Other Aqua Aid pellets include the AQM Pellet, the Aqua Root Pellet and the OARS Pellet.

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