AQUA-BOOST is a liquid, non- phytotoxic composition of natural plant extracts, denaturized extracts and organic compounds, designed to trigger the plants own defense mechanism. The components ‘trick’ the plant into thinking it is under both biotic and abiotic attack. In turn the plant will use the ingredients within AQUA-BOOST in order to enhance its own immune system. As a result, the plant is far better equipped to withstand any attack and can spend more energy on growing and developing a much denser sward, a significantly greater root mass and visibly higher chlorophyll levels, resulting in a synergistic effect.

Product Benefits

  • Boosts the plants immune system
  • Increases plant own hormone production
  • Feeds microorganisms and                                               stimulates nutrients exchange
  • Works great with Worm Power
  • Increases turf density and quality
  • Improves decomposition of dynamic organic mass
  • Contains a low EC level and is therefore not
    harmful to the plant

Applications Rates

Apply 12,5 – 17,5 L/Ha in 500 L water on a 4 week interval during the growing season – after renovation/reseeding, apply twice with a two week interval. AQUA-BOOST needs to be watered in with 3 MM irrigation within 8 hours after application.


Download the following PDFs to learn about                    AQUA-BOOST: