Boost plant growth with AQUA-GROW, a liquid, non-phytotoxic product enriched with natural plant extracts. This 100% natural formula stimulates new root growth, strengthens existing root systems, and supports the overall growth of crops. Safe for use in various crops, AQUA-GROW is composed of plant-feeding substances and promotes the propagation of beneficial micro-organisms. Trust in the 100% plant-safe solution for enhanced crop development.

Product Details

  • Stimulates Root Mass development
  • Improves Soil Microbial Life
  • Improves Plant Defense System
  • Delays formation of resistant strains
  • Beneficial Throughout Complete Vegetative Cycle
  • Improves Qualitative and Quantitative Production Characteristics
  • Environmental Friendly

Application Rates

Apply AQUA-GROW 2 – 6 Liters per 1.000 m2. Distributed over multiple irrigation cycles (e.g. Ltr 2 + 2 + 2 / 1.000 m2)


Download the following PDFs to learn about AQUA-GROW:
Product LiteratureProduct LabelSafety Sheet


Explore Aqua Aid Europe's diverse range of biostimulants and UV-B protection products, meticulously formulated with natural ingredients for application on various professional turf types. Our solutions are specifically tailored to address the unique challenges in the professional turf market, providing enhancements for optimal growing conditions and robust protection against both biotic and abiotic threats.

Uncover the benefits of our innovative biostimulants:


    • Enhanced vermicompost produced by red wiggler worms.
    • Clear liquid extract featuring over 1,400 different DNA profiles of latent state soil microbes.
    • Strengthens soil around the plant's root zone, promoting increased root mass and reducing thatch.
    • Independently researched for proven benefits, such as defensibility against phytium attacks and increased yields.


    • Boasts a unique composition of natural plant extracts, denaturized extracts, and specially selected organic compounds.
    • Contains high-quality carbohydrates, amino acids, oligopeptides, polypeptides, alginates, mannitol, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, yeast extract, natural organic acids, and betaines.
    • Activates specific physiological processes within plants, enhancing defense against attacks and promoting robust growth.
    • Field-tested to yield results such as a denser sward, greater root mass, and higher chlorophyll levels.


    • Formulated for effective control of pests, pathogens, molds, and viruses.
    • Citric acid extract based on bioflavonoids actively enhances the plant's immune system.
    • Deters pests without causing harm, as evidenced in field trials with parasitic nematodes.


    • Non-phytotoxic plant-based biostimulant featuring Quillaja Saponin extract from Chile.
    • Low NPK analysis promotes overall crop growth and supports beneficial micro-organisms.
    • Validates enhanced plant and soil defense against biotic attacks through extensive field testing.

Immerse yourself in the transformative effects of Aqua Aid Europe's biostimulants, designed to elevate pitch quality and fortify turf against diverse challenges.

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