OCEAN is a liquid product based on natural oceanic plant algae, enhanced with plant extracts and natural co-enzymes. OCEAN stimulates extra formation of roots and shoots allowing for more active and vital plants. OCEAN increases nutrient exchange and makes fertilizers work more effective. OCEAN contains plant specific proteins and fatty acids that contribute to a more vital crop, reducing the amount of chemical applications needed.

Product Benefits

  • Highly concentrated Algae product
  • 100% Biological product
  • Contains Ascophyllum Nodosum Algae
  • Increases plant defense system

Applications Rates

Sports Turf: apply 2 L/Ha in 300 – 600 L /Ha every 4 weeks.

In use as Co-Enzymes: 250 – 750 ml/Ha weekly

Soil: application through drip irrigation: 1 liter OCEAN per Ha every 2 weeks.

As Foliar/Spray: apply 2 liters of OCEAN per Ha in 300 – 600 Liters of water every 3-4 weeks.


Download the following PDFs to learn about                    OCEAN: