Promote is a unique composition of natural plant extracts, denaturised ex-tracts and specially selected organic compounds. This product has been designed to trigger the plant’s own defence mechanism by using natural plant hormones and denaturised extracts to ‘trick’ the plant into thinking it is under both biotic and abiotic attack and to use the ingredients within Promote™ to massively boost its own immune system. This results in the plant being far better equipped to withstand any attack and can expend more energy on growing, developing a much denser sward, a significantly greater root mass and visibly higher chlorophyll levels.

Product Benefits

  • Increases root development
  • Increases mineral update from the soil and into the plant
  • Relieves stress in plants caused by extreme weather conditions, pests and diseases
  • Increases turf density and quality

Applications Rates

10-20 litres per hectare

10 Litres Shake before use


Download the following PDFs to learn about Promote™: