Turf Screen™

Turf Screen™ is a revolutionary product engineered, tested and proven to protect turf from damaging ultraviolet rays and is effective at reducing sunburn and solar stress.

Product Details

  • Complete UVB and solar protection
  • Improved turf quality
  • Improved turf density
  • Reduces water usage
  • Reduced turf stress and wilt
  • Improved secondary pathogen resistance
  • Improved photosynthesis via UVB reduction
  • Unique mode of action

Applications Rates

Golf and General Turf

24 to 48 ml per 100m2 every 7 Days

40 to 80 ml every 14 Days

Tees / Fairways
32 to 40 ml every 14 Days

Rough / Bunkers
16 to 32 ml every 14 to 21 Days


Download the following PDFs to learn about Turf Screen™: