Verde-Cal F

Verde-Cal F is a water soluble enhanced calcium product that can be applied as a foliar product on sports turf and many other crops. Verde-Cal F is ideally used as a product for plant protection and increased cell wall formation. Verde-Cal F contains plant essential nutrients like Magnesium, Calcium and trace elements such as Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu.

Product Details

  • Promotes the health and sustainability of the plant
  • Improves chlorophyll production
  • Increases drought resistance because of
    enhanced root mass development
  • VerdeCal F is a 100 % natural product
  • Contains important trace elements
  • Supports a large number of metabolic processes
  • Other foliar applied fertilizers become
    more efficient
  • Strengthens the cell walls

Application rates

For sports turf application use 1,5 – 2 Kg / Ha in 300 L water per Ha per application. Apply in 14 day intervals. After each application, let the product dry for 3 – 4 hours to allow absorption through the leaves. Do not switch off the stirring mechanism during transport to the field and during the spraying process.

When used on soils with low organic matter and/or low natural mineral content in the soil, more frequent application and/or higher application rates per Ha are recommended. For specific applications, consult your distributor for more information.

Verde-Cal F PDFs

Download the following PDFs to learn about Verde-Cal F:
Product LiteratureProduct LabelSafety Sheet

Specialty fertilisers

In the product category Specialty Fertiliser, Aqua-Aid offers two other calcium products. Verde-Cal is a limestone product based on calciumcarbonate. Verde-Cal G is a calciumsulfate better known as gypsum.

How does it work?

The soil colloid has degrees of affinity for various basic cations. This bonding increases with larger atomic weight, ion size and amount of charge. The percentage saturation for each of the cations will usually be within the following ranges for optimum performance.

The process of cationic exchange begins when water and basic cations (Ca, Mg, K, Na) meet the soil colloid. Based on the soil colloid’s degree of cation affinity, Calcium (Ca) will attach to the soil colloid releasing the smaller cations. The released cations (Mg++, Na+, K+, H+) are solubilized in the soil solution and made available to the plant or removed from the soil profile. As hydrogen is released from the soil colloid into the soil solution, acidity is reduced and pH is raised.

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