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The Amenity brochure 2021 offers a complete overview of all the Aqua Aid Europe products. Our entire product catalogue introduced and explained. Read about our high tech surfactants, fertilisers, biostimulants, meters and application and how the can optomise your program.
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Aqua Aid Europe offers an extensive range of surfactant products for the professional turf industry.  In particular, our state-of-the-art 3-D surfactants are the most advanced surfactants in the market. Unique, patented products backed up with various independent research. 
high tech surfactants
Both VerdeCal and VerdeCal G are specialty fertilisers that offer very high concentrations of readily available calcium. This combined with the thCa and a low dose of a polyol wetting agent, the application rate for the VerdeCal products is much lower that conventional calcium products. 

Welcome to Aqua Aid Europe

Improve turf health and root growth with Aqua Aid Europe

Aqua Aid Europe is a young company that is thriving across the world in the professional sports turf and horticulture industries. In a short time, we have developed a reputation for providing industry-leading products that improve turf health, root growth and allow complete soil moisture control. Our products are in use at a host of Europe’s leading venues including the 2018 Ryder Cup course, Le Golf National, Liverpool Football Club and many more.

Our expansion as a company has come from our ethos. We know that a modern working day doesn’t mean 9-5. As a young and expanding international company, we appreciate the importance of talented and motivated people and what they need to succeed. We give our employees the flexibility to operate in their region and use their knowledge while providing support whenever it is needed.

We understand that our companies success depends on developing our talent, and we do this through a dynamic approach to work that encourages personal development by working individually and as a team to bring out the best in all of our employees.

Products Aqua Aid Europe


We offer a varied range of high-quality surfactants from the revolutionary OARS HS and PS to the classic Aqua Aid products.


Our fertiliser range of products include VerdeCal G, Verdecal, VerdeCal F en Turf Power. 


We have a variety of biostimulants, each with their own specialty.


UV Protection

To minimize sun damage, we have two 
types of UV protection, helping the plant to deal with sun expose.



To measure is to know. Therefore, we provide a variety of meters to help you optimize the application of our products to get the best results.

Application tools

To facilitate easy, effective and consistent application, we offer a couple of application tools to simplify the application of our products. 
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